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What is the Occupy Everywhere movement? Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Everywhere is an ongoing series of demonstrations that began in New York City and have spread to major cities across the United States. These are peaceful protests against social and economic inequality, corporate greed, and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government.

For more information please visit and

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There are several ways to use this banner:

Get The Code (manual install)

To place a banner on your site:

UPDATE 1/20/2012: Due to heavy traffic, the site I originally used to host the script below has asked me to move it elsewhere. If you used this manual install method and your banner has stopped working, please use the updated script below. The only change to the script is the hosting location. The WordPress plugin is not effected.

  1. Choose one of the orientations below (or choose the WordPress plug-in or add the banner to your profile pic)
  2. Copy the code
  3. Paste it into the HTML source of your website at the bottom, just before the </body> tag
  4. Go to and to find Occupy protests near you, to donate and see what else you can do to help this movement

For all of you WordPress folks, I’m working on a simple plugin so that you don’t have to edit HTML to display these on your site. I’ve created a plugin for you.

Top left corner:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

How it will look:

view script source in a plain text in a new window

Top rightcorner:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

How it will look:

view script source in a plain text in a new window

Why am I doing this?

I made these banners and put all of this up here for a lot of reasons.

Too many of us hear about events like Occupy Wall Street and do nothing. We’ll nod in agreement and maybe post a comment or two online, but that’s it. Then we go right back to looking at lolcats or watching some absurd “reality” show about horrible people, and we do nothing. We agree that there is a problem, that something is broken, but we sit back and expect someone else do the heavy lifting. Someone else will call my representatives. Someone else will fight for change. Someone else will risk getting arrested or beaten so that I can live a better life.

As I write this at 3:40am Central time, I’m watching #OccupyDenver as it happens. The police are set to expel peaceful protesters from a public park at any moment because the powers that be don’t believe in this cause or that people have a right to be angry, to assemble and demand that things change. A few days ago the same scene was in Boston. Before that, New York.

Something amazing is happening. It’s growing, and we need to continue to spread the word and get more people involved. These little banners are a far cry from actually ungluing your ass from the chair and going to an Occupy protest, but my hope is that they will help get even more people involved. If you do place a banner on your site, thank you. Please don’t stop there. Stand up – literally – for what you believe in.

66 Responses to Get the Banner

  1. Steve Biko says:

    This is such a great idea. I’m helping all my friends do this. Thanks.

  2. Steve Biko says:

    Oh, and we’ve all had our butts in the streets, NYC represents!

  3. Eric says:

    The plug-in doesn’t work – using wordpress 3.2

  4. occupybanner says:

    Eric – did you download the WP plug-in from this site, or from the Plugin Directory? The one here works on my 3.2 installs, and I recently (this afternoon) updated the one at’s directory, but it hasn’t appeared yet.

  5. John Bruso says:

    Jeff, Do you have a dynamic list of the banner site users? It would be cool to see who’s adding it to their sites. Looks like the FB Twibbons went viral yesterday after 50 users… it’s up to about 400 now. Not bad for 2 days.

    • occupybanner says:

      Unfortunately, no. I received an email from an editor at Bloomberg Businessweek yesterday asking for the same stats. I didn’t add any kind of callback tracking to the banner script because I wanted it to be as simple and non-invasive as possible. Also, many people using it are either self-hosting the script and banner images or have downloaded and shared the WordPress plugin. Looking at the usage stats for this site and the original project page on my site at, there have been over 10,500 unique visitors since October 15th. That doesn’t include the number of folks using Twibbon. Not too shabby.

      As for specific sites using the banner, I don’t really have a list. One of the most visible has been The Big Picture

  6. Jeff says:

    I downloaded the plugin from WordPress (I have a WP installation on a blog not hosted by WP), installed it and activated it. Didn’t work. Upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2.1. Still doesn’t work. Would you consider writing the text code necessary so that we could install a “badge” in a place of our choosing on our blogs? The problem with plugins, as you know, is that they are not necessarily compatible with all of the themes out there in WP-land.

    • occupybanner says:

      Did you get the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory, or did you download it directly from this site? The plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory is broken, and although I’ve uploaded a fixed version it still isn’t appearing there.

      The plugin on this site works. You can get it from the Plugin page

      The only reason the plugin here won’t work is if your theme doesn’t use wp_footer() which would be very strange. You can still use the banner as a sidebar widget. Instructions are here:

      Or, you can self-install the script manually as the top of this page instructs. This will work on all sites with or without WordPress.

      • Jeff says:

        Spent 1.5 hours trying to get it to work, but never succeeded. Installed two different image widgets – couldn’t get either one of them to work. KISS – ya gotta make it simple for us not-so-talented bloggers. Thanks!

        • occupybanner says:

          Did you get the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory, or did you download it directly from this site?

          How are you installing the plugin?

          Have you made sure to check the Help section of the plugin, where is says:

          Q: The banner image isn’t appearing.
          Be sure the plugin’s image folder is readable. Check plugins/i-support-occupy-banner/images and set permissions to 755

      • Jeff says:

        I downloaded it from your site and installed it and got the banner across the upper left corner of the browser window. No problem there. But that location is a good distance away from my blog. What I want is a badge in column 2. I installed the image widgets via WordPress (Transmit didn’t work very well) but could never get the image to appear. I gave up – it shouldn’t be that hard to get this to appear. I had a badge for a different group that was simplicity itself – copy and paste text to the text widget and bingo! a nice badge.

  7. brotherbrown says:

    Added to my blog, Digital Soul Brother. Thanks, and keep up the struggle!!!

  8. We have been using this since it practically came out – I have only seen it lag once, may host it locally but we do appreciate it – looks nice and matches our colors! THANK U –

  9. eric z says:

    For Blogger users, this Google help page

    I had to toggle to the old Blogger UI. The instructions for the new UI did not work, my config (Chrome browser, WinXP). Between this page and the help page, got it.

    • brotherbrown says:

      The new blogger dashboard is problematic anyway. I’ve told them at least three times the editor ignores CR/LF, but they have yet to fix it. The old dashboard works better.

  10. mamvas says:

    For Blogger, please!!

  11. robertsteele says:

    Brilliant idea, wrong implementation. “Electoral Reform Act of 2012” would be much more focused and therefore much more likely to produce the desired result. As proposed, the banner is the equivalent of asking everyone to wear a redskins hat. Please consider Electoral Reform as discussed by the NYC GA Politics & Electoral Reform Working Group on 30 Oct. More details at

  12. Wittman says:

    Great idea, but after an hour or so trying to make it work I gave up. Seems like this plugin should be so simple and straight forward, yet ironically I’ve spent more time trying to make it work than any other plugin!

    • occupybanner says:

      Did you see this comment above with some troubleshooting?

      • Wittman says:

        Yes I read that post, but it didn’t help. I installed the plugin via the WP admin and when I’d click the Occupy menu in the WP admin it would say error 404 page not found. I downloaded it manually and the “read me” file had no info at all on how to install it. Didn’t say where to put any of the files. In a nutshell it was more work than I’ve come to expect for a WP plugin. Sorry.

        • occupybanner says:

          Did you download the plugin from this site, or from the WordPress Plug-in Directory? As I wrote above, the one here is the correct version.

          This is a very simple plugin, there just isn’t much to it. Like all plug-ins, you install it by placing the unzipped folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory. If you’ve done that and made sure permissions are set correctly as noted above it will work.
          If you’ve tried this and are still having issues, please detail each step and I’ll do what I can to walk you through it.

          • Wittman says:

            “Like all plug-ins, you install it by placing the unzipped folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory.”

            Hehe, that’s assuming waaay too much for the casual WP user. If that simple sentence had been included in the “Read Me” file, then I would have had this plugin working in 30 seconds. Unfortunately, nowhere on your site (nor even on any google searches) does it say to drop this folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory. If I may make a suggestion, please add some “install instruction” to the read me file. ;)

  13. J says:

    Where can i get a “Burn computers” banner for my tent?

  14. trust deeds says:

    Well done for making your support for this public. The bankers have made a mess of the global economy.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for this banner. I have placed it on all my blogs. I am homebound so would have trouble travelling the distance to physically participate but this ribbon means I can show my support even if I’m not there in person. Only thing I would wish for is that the banner link would open in a new window. Is there a way I can edit it to make it open the Occupy site in a new tab?

    • occupybanner says:

      Jonathan – Are you using the WordPress plugin, or the self-install script? I’ve just updated the WordPress plugin and it has a new option allowing you to open the banner link in a new or current window.
      If you’re using the self-install script let me know and I’ll get you a modified version of that as well.

  16. AIDY says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks so much for this! #occupy

  17. Tony McGurk says:

    I fully agree with the concept behind the Occupy protests against corporate greed. However I really can’t see this changing anything. I can’t imagine the greedy wealthy all controlling swine changing just because the common people are angry about it. Greed rules the world & they aren’t about to let go of their strangle hold on us for that very reason. They are wealthy, they are greedy & they want control of everything. I’m not against the protests but I just can’t see the greedy wealthy mongrels ever changing their attitudes. That’s why they are where they are in such powerful influential positions whether we like it or not..

    • occupybanner says:

      Tony – I agree with you on all counts, although I would add just one very important point to all of that. What the Occupy movement is asking for, above all else, is to get corporate money out of politics. Our democracy was set up so that the people could make changes, but because corporate money is so pervasive in politics the only real voices being heard and acted upon by our representatives are those of corporations and the extremely wealthy. If elections were only allowed to use 100% public funding – no more corporate donations, no more PACs for scrubbing funds and hiding fund sources – things would change drastically.
      Even if you don’t agree with what I’ve said above, the alternative to fighting against this status quo is to do nothing and just let it continue to wreak havoc on us all. Personally, I’m not willing to give in and accept that this is just the way things have to be. Maybe I’m fighting an uphill battle, maybe nothing will change, but I – and I think we – have to try.

      • Tony McGurk says:

        Yes It’s the same our country, Australia. The big companies buy favour with the politicians by their huge donations to the political parties & the Pollies sway things their way with all sorts of poitical favour.. The politicians forget who they are elected by & who they are SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT. I agree with what you say & as I said am not opposed to the Occupy Movement & I agree with what it stands for as the greediness in this world makes me angry too. My main point is that no matter what is done I just can’t see the wealthy corporations & the wheeling dealing underhanded greedy power hungry politicians.ever being willing to change the way they’re doing things. Yes they all, regardless of political creed, say the things they think/know people want to hear at election time to procure people’s votes but the minute the election is over they quickly turn their backs on the very same people who elect them. I get irritable just thinking about it.

        • occupybanner says:

          It’s definitely enough to make ones blood boil.

          • danielgbeck says:

            FYI, power is only had where it is given. The best way to remedy corruption in politics and corporations is to not contribute to their power. You can’t fix politics with more politics or laws (that have to be approved by politicians) and you can’t fix wealth disparity by simply demanding that the wealthy give up their money or even worse, demand that the government take it. If you have ever purchased something from a large corporation, worked for a large corporation, voted for a politician that has been in government for more than 1 term, or donated to a PAC or any other political campaign, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Those are just some ways that these powerful entities maintain their power.

            Instead insist that politicians be limited to 1 term. It will get way too costly to buy politicians if they are being replaced every few years. Plus, politicians will be less inclined to participate in the corruption if they can’t live a separate and privileged political life but must instead return to living laws they mandated.

            As for corporations, buy from small local companies and work for small local companies. If your employer ever makes more money than you are comfortable with, then quit and go work elsewhere or better start a business that is built on the tenants you are proposing.

            I suppose the biggest challenge with what I’m proposing is, its much harder than simply sitting in a park and demanding that some big authority take from another big authority or that these powerful entities simply roll over and die. It won’t happen.

            I initially agreed with this movement but it has been completely derailed and I am in complete disagreement with many of the proposals I’m hearing. Stop demanding that someone else do something about these problems and do something for yourself.

            • pribadi says:

              “The best way to remedy corruption in politics and corporations is to not contribute to their power.”

              I agree 100 %. And the best and quickest way to do it is to start stopping (or at least significantly reducing) our reliance towards paper money. Start using gold as your means of payment as much as possible. Gold is internationally recognized. STOP saving in paper money in the banks. Just save your assets in Gold bars, and save the gold bars using the safe deposit box in the banks if you have to. One Kg of gold bar is as big as your cell phone and its value is about U$ 50,000.
              Just use your paper money for small payment.

              If 30 % of the population is start rejecting using paper money and start embracing gold bars as a saving method, no government or corporation will ignore the people. They know they have significantly much much less control over the people. It is the money that we put on the banks that actually “energize” the government and corporation to “enslave” us.

              So let’s get our freedom back…….NOW.

  18. StopSpounging says:

    Although I agree that the fraud, misallocation of assets via “Wall Street” must be dealt with and many many people should go to jail, I can’t fully agree with the “Occupy” movement. The reason is simple. Many of those in tents in the parks cannot articulate in any meaningful way what the real issue is. Many of these people are just the “usual suspects”, those protestors and anarchists that are just there to create problems and sponge off of others.

  19. Kaution says:

    Alright, I got the banner up on my site! Thanks! :D

  20. Gina Carson says:

    Thank you! Adding to my sites immediately!

  21. Troy Ounce says:

    I would like to change the banner from the right to the left side of my Google blog but can’t edit because the existing right banner obstructs the area where one has to click to EDIT.

  22. Hi Jeff,
    Working great on our site. Just as a suggestion, I would fix in the admin area where you use “Menu Item 3” and “Menu item 4”. I personally would get rid of this last sub-menu.

    Great work. Thanks.


  23. I installed this on my blog a while back. Thanks for this banner project.

  24. Tim James says:

    Way to go, Jeff! I’m pleased to be able to work with you on getting the word out :)

    Small issue in IE (surprise, surprise): I’m seeing a 2-sided box around the script. All is well in FF, Safari etc.


  25. occupybanner says:

    An update for those of you subscribed to comments: Due to heavy traffic, the site I originally used to host the script above has asked me to move it elsewhere. If you used the MANUAL INSTALL method and your banner has stopped working, please use the updated script above. The only change to the script is the hosting location. The WordPress plugin is not effected.

  26. lase99 says:

    Re; Supporting the Occupy Movement. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

    • occupybanner says:

      That reads like shoddy conspiracy fiction mixed with selective history.

      You wrote: “Personally I’ve never been an advocate of protesting. It’s counter-productive and it looks like my instincts served me well.”

      Tell that to the people of Wisconsin who just collected over a million signatures for a recall petition of Gov. Walker – a direct result of protests. Tell that to those that marched with Dr. Martin Luther King to demand equal civil rights. The American Revolution began with protests. As did the French Revolution. Labor unions striking for workers rights. Gandhi’s struggle for civil rights. Tiananmen Square. The Arab Spring. All of these were protests. It is undeniably absurd to insist that protests as a whole are counter-productive.

      You end your post with a quote from John Trudell intending to use it to bolster your stance, but you may need to do a little more research on him. He was an adamant protestor. You seem to have completely missed the point he was making and don’t appear to understand the man at all.

      Are you sure you know what YOU are doing?

      • Jim says:

        The Arab Spring is now arresting Americans and were just torturing the French Ambassador. They stated they believe in executing Christians and Jews. A silly fad might sound real cool to a teenage minded person, exciting, but think it through first. Measure the results which aren’t so great. If most Blacks would have followed in Herman Cain’s footsteps instead of protesting there wouldn’t be Black ghettos.Here is what I mean: After the Civil Rights riots society threw money at the protestors basically instead of jailing them for property destruction and looting. But throwing money causes dependency and ruined many moral Black homes headed by strong father’s, father in the home pattern, two parent Black families.Money is being handed to single mothers without husbands.Fatherless homes don’t work well with teenage boys.? Now, jails are full of young Black men with great potential, wasting away. Look at the inmate list and see if it is not tragic?Instead of protesting, consider working a few jobs and getting an education and following your dreams producing something you love to contribute to life in a positive productive filled way. Seek to know your creator. It is possible to know Him.You are hear on earth for a reason. That is serious, not just a silly quote.

  27. sixathome says:

    Thanks for the banner and update .It works on my site
    Have told others as well!

  28. Sherrie says:

    Thank you. My banner stopped working and I have now updated it on my blog and it is working again. I love the banner and I will keep it up on the blog. I DO support the Occupy movement!

  29. Ben says:

    I found what may be a quick fix for Blogger users:

    Using the old interface, go to “Design” and then to “Edit HTML.”

    Insert the banner code between the “title” and “skin” code, like this:


    Works perfectly for me, and thanks for the banner!

  30. Jim says:

    Occupy Wall Street is encouraging youth in the wrong direction,with a lack of industry along with unacceptable behavior. Government had a role in what they complain about but they do not realize it. Most are ignorant of the most basic economic facts and even how free enterprise works.

  31. Pastor fran says:

    In the name of our Lord and Savior I praise God for all the bold servants of God who are doing great efforts and spending hours of precious time in helping those in need and urgency. May God protect and rescue all who call on Jesus Christ and His ministering angels to bring more confusion to the enemy inside these criminals who illegal take homes deny home owers right and due process.

  32. Justin Lindsey says:

    I’m sad to see that you are supporting this filth. I cannot support a movement that has a history of filth, rape, drug use, destruction of personal property, and the downfall of our country. I agree that what the banks have done are wrong. But this movement and the support of this movement is inexcusable, please reconsider your position.

    • occupybanner says:

      @Justin Lindsey – It’s hard to take such a criticism seriously when you immediately refer the Occupy movement as “filth” and follow that with demonstrably incorrect claims of rape, drugs and destruction. Those words are used as a constant refrain by Occupy’s opposition, hoping that if they’re repeated often enough it won’t matter that they’re false. Unfortunately, you’re proving that to be correct. If those are your only points of criticism against Occupy then you have no real, valid criticism at all.

      Truth matters, even and ESPECIALLY when you disagree with something.

      • Justin Lindsey says:

        It doesn’t matter what you say or think, you’re simply wrong.The truth is that everything I have said is truth. Here you go, read on….

        The first report of sexual abuse at an Occupy event was on October 18, a Seattle man was arrested for indecent exposure to children at least five times. This man was taking part in the Occupy Seattle protest.

        Rape happened on November 2 in Seattle, when police arrested an Occupy Wall Street participant for raping two women, one of whom was a minor.

        On that same day, police officers in Dallas arrested a man for sexually assaulting a 14 year-old girl at the Occupy Dallas encampment.

        There have been many more cases of rape and sexual assault at dozens of Occupy encampments.

        Three Occupy Boston protesters were arrested for selling crack cocaine. The problem is so severe that the Boston police have begun to embed undercover police officers into the camps to find and arrest drug dealers.

        Occupy Wall Street protesters have defecated in banks, knocking police officers off their motorcycles, desecrating the American flag, hurling racial slurs at NYPD officers, vandalizing police cars, and violently attacking police officers, and the list goes on.

        If you consider this to be your type of person….God help you.

  33. Jean Poole says:

    I just hope these thugs don’t smash the windows of your building or defecate on another police car.

  34. Kim Maxxon says:

    That Old Guy’s Image Host now uses your banner. Thank you! (Caution! NSFW images may be present.)

  35. Eviscia says:

    I’ve uploaded it to my site. :) Thank you.

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